In a presentation to MINEX Europe 2019, Paulina Codogni, Owner of Firma Codogni” Sp.j. will give details of a grinding media production method, which is one of the most sustainable and competitive in quality versus price terms. The main feature of this method involves using a very high quality scrap material for production, that is scrap rails, which are recycled in the process. This innovative process involves low energy and water consumption. Thanks to this, the products can be both of high quality and competitive as for their prices. Nowadays the owners as well as executive directors of mines aim to act in the most sustainable way possible, but they also want to cooperate with partners which guarantee not only high quality but also sustainable methods of production. 

MINEX Europe 2019 will be held on 25-27 June 2019 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Further information is available on the conference website: