In a few days we will launch in Sofia the 4th MINEX Europe Mining and Exploration Forum where will discuss mining opportunities in the Balkans and wider Europe.

We are excited that 127 companies from 26 countries have already signed up.

52 speakers from the leading European, Australian, Canadian and US companies and organisations will be sharing their knowledge on digital transformation, state of the art exploration technologies, mining finance, sustainable mining, etc.

Continental Europe has the potential for discovery of multiple world class deposits. While the continent’s mining potential has yet to be determined, there are a significant number of closed mines that could be financially viable with the new technology. With the emergence of smart mobile mining, economic development of smaller mines in Europe is also becoming a reality.

Social license to operate remains the number one risk factor in many European countries. “Not in my back yard” mentality presents the greatest challenge to Mining companies operating projects in the Balkans Region.

We hope that the Forum will make positive contribution to the discussions on mining industry development in the Balkans and wider Europe and its key role in building a carbon free world. If the European states want to secure economic independence, development of mining industry should be given a central role in the government policies.

Green economy = Sustainable mining

Join us in Sofia next week


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