EIT RawMaterials „RESEERVE“ Project will be presented by Matej DrakslerProject Specialist, Geological Survey of Slovenia at MINEX Europe Forum taking place in Sofia on 25-27 June.

Primary and secondary mineral raw materials are of strategic importance for South-East Europe (SEE) as well as for EU. Most EU countries are already part of the pan‐European Minerals Intelligence Network which provides continental-level, consistent and organised mineral data information on primary and secondary mineral resources. SEE region represents a gap in this network. RESEERVE EIT RawMaterials project, financed by European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), addresses this challenge by creating SEE countries Mineral Register. Project’s consortium includes EIT RawMaterials project partners from EU countries and task partners from SEE region with Geological Survey of Slovenia as coordinator. Beside aforementioned, project will also integrate SEE region into pan-European Minerals Intelligence Network, increase SEE countries mineral resources management capacity, ensure sufficient flow of information on mineral resources for European industry to expand investments in the SEE region, create regional opportunities for start‐ups and SMEs and generate new jobs opportunities.