Hanno Buys, a Senior Consultant at SRK Consulting is due to speak at MINEX Europe 2019 on the material benefits that can be achieved through the application of autonomous battery electric technologies to truck haulage fleets. According to Buys, “These benefits include, but are not limited to, steeper haul ramps (resulting in steeper overall slopes), reduced labour, increased shift efficiency (and productivity), reduced maintenance and improved safety. To benefit from these advances in technology, various considerations need to be incorporated through all phases of mine planning. Many of the value drivers in an open pit mine operation are dynamic in nature and frequent changes to the mine plan over time are required to remain optimal. The approach to open pit mine planning needs to evolve in order to take into consideration the opportunity as well as limitation impacts these technologies have on the mine plan.” The presentation will explore some of the current considerations for open pit mine planning for recent developments of automation and battery-electric technologies for truck haulage fleets.

Hanno Buys, Senior Consultant at SRK Consulting will speak at MINEX Europe in Sofia, Bulgaria on 25-27 June 2019.