Abitibi Geophysics and DGI Geoscience, with their local partner Terragold, now provide the deep penetrating OreVision™ induced polarization technology and a full suite of borehole logging tools for geophysical surveys in the Balkans. Abitibi Geophysics’ OreVision™ greatly increases the depth of penetration of dipole-dipole and pole-dipole induced polarization surveys without sacrificing resolution, by increasing the n-spacings with a constant a-spacing. DGI’s logging suites are applied in the acquisition and interpretation of physical rock properties, televiewer and borehole geometry for exploration in- and near-mines and on brownfield sites; geotechnical investigation in underground and open-pit mines and for environmental and infrastructure projects; and, data analytics to examine borehole breakouts and stress directions and monitor wear on paste and shotcrete backfill lines for underground mines.

In a presentation as part of MINEX Europe on 25-27 June 2019 in Sofia, Bulgaria, Chris Nind, Vice President for Business Development at Abitibi Geophysics Inc. will present case studies with inversion results and drilling targets of recent OreVision™ Induced Polarization surveys for porphyry copper and gold in Canada and Kazakhstan.