Vasily Makarov

General Director, GeoTech Exploration & Gold Mining

Vasily Makarov was born in 1955 in Tashkent. He graduated from the Faculty of Geology of Tashkent State University with a degree in Geological Survey and the Prospecting of Mineral Deposits. He has participated in the evaluation of mining projects in Russia and abroad. He worked at the Kyzylkumskaya geological expedition and  Newmont Mining Corp in Uzbekistan, NBL Gold and until 2017 was the CEO of Pavlik Gold – one of Russia's leading gold producing companies.

26.06.2019 13:45 - 15:45 Session 5 - Royal Ballroom 3 (First Floor) | Royal 3 (first floor)

Modern data of the gold-bearingness of Quaternary formations (Technical paper - no oral presentation)