Alexander Palkovsky

COO/CFO, Euro Lithium

Mr. Alexander Palkovsky comes from a strong professional background in green infrastructure development and project finance. After graduating from the Ivey School of Business in 2015, Alexander spent two years leading the development and financing of over $50M of solar energy projects in Canada. Alexander then spent a year and half as an Associate of Brookfield Renewable’s Capital Markets and Operations teams. Through his collective efforts, he was awarded the Emerging Leader in Solar Award in 2017, and the Ivey Emerging Leader Award in 2014. Alexander formally joined Euro Lithium in April 2019.

25.06.2019 09:00 - 10:30 Keynote Session 1 - Royal Ballroom 3 (First Floor) | Royal 3 (first floor)

The 2020s: A Pivotal Decade For EVs and the Global Automotive Industry

When do EVs grow from the current 2-3% of global new car sales to 15 - 25%? When will they account for the super majority of new car sales? These are the questions that I will try to answer in my presentation at MINEX Europe 2019.

The answers to these questions can be boiled down to traditional buyer considerations of any retail product: convenience and price. We must ask ourselves: When will the retail price of an EV match that of its internal-combustion engine (ICE) rival, or, when will it be below (if ever)? At what point is it as convenient for me to charge my EV as quickly as I refuel my ICE (if ever), or, at the very least, when will EV charging stations be as frequent as gas stations (if ever)?

One must also consider the role of government in the deployment of EVs through the 2020s. How could this influence when EVs become more prevalent? Will we see the EU support EVs as strongly as Germany's support for renewable energy in the 2000s?

All of these questions must be considered if one is to answer when EV demand - and therefore the demand for lithium products (hydroxide, carbonate, metal) - picks up. I will reference my professional experience in renewable energy, battery storage, and now lithium exploration and mine development to try and answer all of the above.

Note: I will not be discussing Euro Lithium's project in Serbia, but, will be adding a disclaimer at the beginning of the presentation that I do represent a lithium exploration and development company and that my opinions could be considered inherently bias.