The adoption of transformative process measurement technologies in industrial plants, including mineral processing concentrators, does not follow the pattern of the rapid development and adoption, that for example, information technologies follow. These technologies regularly morph into new features and functionality, that provide ever increasing speed and access to information that can be converted into knowledge and action.

In a presentation to MINEX Europe 2019 in Sofia, Bulgaria on 25-27 June 2019, John Viega will (1) explore why transformative technologies are slow to be adopted in the minerals processing industry, (2) provide a case study of how a copper concentrator, an early adopter of the PST technology, leveraged the value of real time information – not attainable with traditional technology – and how they transformed information into knowledge thereby increasing operating efficiency and net metal production, and (3) describe how this transformative technology can be an enabler for concentrators to ‘cross the chasm’ and capitalize on new trends in the industry for coarse particle recovery.

John Viega is the Vice President, Global Sales and Services at CiDRA Minerals Processing.

Image by Plazak – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,