The Catchment Scale Exploration Tool (CSET) is a proprietary approach developed by ERM, used to generate mineral exploration targets, or identify extensions to known deposits. ERM have completed projects in several different geological, topographic and climatic settings. CSET has successfully identified known blind and surface deposits, plus mineralisation in new targets generated by CSET were confirmed by drilling in 2018. CSET looks at geochemical data from springs, groundwater wells, or stream water, to identify the geochemical signature of mineral deposits, and uses catchment-scale modelling to indicate a vector of where the water came from. Rather than raw geochemical anomalies, the tool uses the saturation index (SI) approach to amplify anomalies related to minerals, not to elements.  It can be used to generate targets in grassroots exploration use data already available, or to generate new data by identifying stream and / or groundwater locations to cheaply sample for SI anomalies as a specific and direct means of ranking / prioritising a portfolio of existing / suspected prospects within a catchment.  CSET is also applicable in brownfields settings to identify directions of extent to find nearby deposits, avoid misplaced sterilisation zones and improve the efficiency of reserve definition / expansion drilling programmes.

The Catchment Scale Exploration Tool will be presented by Jane Shaw, Principal Consultant of ERM at MINEX Europe 2019 which will be held on 25-27 June 2019 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Jane Shaw, Principal Consultant of ERM

Jane Shaw is a Principal Consultant based in the UK in Oxford. Jane is a geologist and hydrogeologist with 25 years in the mining and environmental industry. Prior to joining ERM, she worked for 17 years for Rio Tinto in countries including Australia, Africa and Europe. Since joining ERM in 2012, Jane has conducted surface and groundwater modelling to determine potential impacts and mitigation measures related to geological, hydrogeological and hydrological aspects of mining, power infrastructure projects, oil and gas, and industrial operations. Jane has created catchment scale models for mine sites for water resource estimation and impact mitigation. Additionally, she has devised and implemented field monitoring programmes, contributed to ecological flow assessments, and developed regional water balances.