Mine Environment Management (MEM) is a leading geoscience and environmental engineering consultancy headquartered in Wales, UK.

As mining consultants we deliver practical and pragmatic answers for the mining industry worldwide across the full life of mine cycle, from planning through operations to closure and regeneration. MEM was established with the core aim to utilise sound scientific principles to develop novel and innovative solutions for the management of mine waste and the mining environment. We strongly believe science is behind the success of mining projects. Our mining consultants have extensive practical and applied experience of the planning, design and management of tailings and waste rock storage facilities across a broad range of geographical and climatic site settings and commodity types.

We are proud of our strong research track record with our consultants having authored over 20 published scientific papers relating to mine site geochemistry, mine waste management and mine closure planning, and have presented widely at international conferences worldwide.

We currently are supporting industry lead research into the areas of carbon sequestration, optimisation of mine waste planning, and the development of novel laboratory analysis techniques for mine waste characterisation.