Minerals Processing

CiDRA Minerals Processing is a leading supplier of process optimization solutions, including CYCLONEtrac™ grind management systems and the family of SONARtrac® flow and entrained air measurement systems. CiDRA’s CYCLONEtrac systems are unique and innovative solutions that provide highly reliable, real-time reporting for optimized classification and grind control, with a proven record of increasing net metal production, operational efficiencies and process predictability. The SONARtrac systems are industry recognized for their reliability and accuracy for both multiphase and single phase slurries and fluids. Using patented, passive sonar signal processing technology, SONARtrac systems provide the unique measurement combination of real-time volumetric flow and entrained air measurements for improved mass balance, control and optimization of the process. CiDRA innovative products and services are utilized by over 400 customer locations in over 45 countries.