CONFEDEM main purpose is protecting the interests of their members, in front of the European Union, the Central and Regional Governments, Local Authorities and other entities and represents mining related companies, from extractive to metallurgy including engineering and consulting of a private or public nature. It extends its performance to all kind of matters (economic, tax, social, environmental, research and development etc..,) covering globally the issues that can arise from the afiliates bussiness activities.

CONFEDEM transversely encompasses almost the entire mining and entrepreneurship in our country, gathering directly at national level to the two most important both Energy Sector Federations as the Aggregates and Natural and Built (CARBUNION and FENAMI) and indirectly and through this last four sub-regional organizations and provincial level (AEPA Castilla La Mancha; ACANGRA; AEEM and AFAREM, AMINER in Andalucia) along with a large and distinguished group of major Spanish companies composed of both national groups and marking renowned internationally, as MAXAM, nationwide, or SAMCA Group, for leading companies such as ; Atlantic Copper (Freeport Mcmoran Copper & Gold Inc); ICL Iberia; Valoriza Minería (SACYR Group); Cobre Las Cruces (FIRST QUANTUM); Berkeley Minera Spain; Orovalle (ORVANA); MATSA (MUBADALA), Atalaya Mining, etc ..., covering Coal; Zinc; Industrial Minerals; Nickel; Argent, Gold; Lead; the sodium and potassium salts; Uranium; Wolfram; Tin, Tantalium, Copper and its Hydrometallurgy and Metallurgy and the manufacture of explosives.