Exploration Services

We provide our customers – exploration companies and geological survey institutions – with complex MEFFA-based soil/sediment geochemical surveys. Our service is tailored to the customers specific needs and depends on the local landscape, geological environment, type targeted miniralization, scale of the project, etc.

We strive to merit our customers confidence. If you would like to test MEFFA, we offer a free of charge MEFFA analysis of samples provided by you (up to 100 samples).

Express XRF analysis of all field samples and mapping pathfinders anomalies allows us to quickly adapt the sampling program to focus on identified anomalies.

Sample preparation for MEFFA is simple, fast, inexpensive and environmentally friendly, using no reagents and requiring no special facilities. In field conditions, soil samples can be reduced to 2-3 g using tools available in a supermarket. The reduction in weight means significantly lower shipping costs.

The soil/sediment sampling and MEFFA sample preparation can also be done by customer’s team under supervising of one of our specialists.