Drilling and Blasting

Geops-Bolkan Drilling Services Ltd (‘Geops’) is a Bulgaria-based drilling contractor, with the largest drill-rig fleet in Eastern Europe, serving the mining and mineral exploration sectors. Geops' extensive operations in the Balkans have been a key factor in the company’s increasing strength, growth, and reputation. Exploration and mining companies rely on the availability of Geops’s full range of drill rigs for various drilling methods and terrains (40+ rigs). Geops has both ongoing and successfully completed surface and underground drilling projects in more than 12 countries around Europe and North Africa.The company has a wealth of experience in diverse drilling conditions and expertise in project management, application of the latest and best drilling practices, well established drilling crews, vastly experienced rig maintenance and rig engineering crew, and a fully equipped rig and spare parts production facility.

Geops’s current fleet of drill rigs is expanding to enable the company to work at various locations, increasing its knowledge of different countries and jurisdictions, and targeting new markets.